#ArtMyJozi is a place-making through art initiative implemented along the transit-orientated development corridors in Johannesburg. Since July 2017 #ArtMyJozi has developed a four-stage creative journey along the corridors, consisting of creative exchange workshops, creative events in public, production and design workshops and an exhibition held on October 2017 at the Bus Factory, and home to the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA). The campaign has been supported by an active social media integration strategy, which serves as both a documenting process and a creative device in the production of community authorship and creative content. 

#ArtMyJozi is supported by a creative crew consisting of visual artists, photographers, poets and videographers who are all responsible for contributing to content creation, which goes hand-in-hand with our unique social media archive, which galvanizes the unique and diverse neighborhoods we work in.

The JDA, as lead implementing agent of the City Of Johannesburg appointed The Trinity Session in 2017 as curator/coordinator for all creative place-making processes along The Development Corridors. The various ongoing #ArtMyJozi campaigns are geared towards collective community orientated artistic projects - employing collective participatory design processes that seek to enrich the energetic streets of Johannesburg, with a contemporary approach to place-making in the city and its neighbourhoods along the Corridors.   

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#ArtMyJozi NEWS

The crew completed a successful workshop drive in Noordgesig, Soweto in late February 2018. The Noordgesig Social Cluster is furthest developed in terms of construction with art works going up as early as April 2018. The next site for creative work-shopping is Balfour Park, creatively inspired by the confluence of commuters who interact with the space. School kids, vendors, taxi drivers, business owners and local residents all occupy the upgrade area in a way that is different to every other site being activated this year. In the coming months our creative workshops move to Brixton, Orange Grove, Turfontein, Milpark and Alexandra Township.

The BRT station selection process was also recently finalized with the best-suited artworks for the corridors being chosen. The works are currently in the graphic translation phase in preparation for sandblasting and painting onto the BRT glass entrance panels. Keep an eye on our social media pages to see which artists were selected and to which BRT station their works have been assigned. 

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About The Trinity Session

Directed by Stephen Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter, The Trinity Session (founded 2001) is a contemporary art production team defined by exchanges with their home city Johannesburg, in relation to Africa and similar developed / developing contexts. Key activities include; temporary interventions and performances, in addition to producing and curating large scale exhibitions and public art programs.

Concerned with context specific technology applications and site-­‐specific social practices, the artistic output of Hobbs/Neustetter  guided by issues of urban decay, xenophobia and public access, results in live actions and video documentation works and varied medium and large scale building projects.   

Featured work: 

TEMPORARY MUSEUM OF ART, Alex Township, Johannesburg, Performance intervention, single channel HD video projection, 2012

254 Albertina Sisulu Street, Johannesburg, 2094, South Africa

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