Since 2017, The City of Johannesburg through its implementing agent the Johannesburg Development Agency, in collaboration with its appointed Curator-Coordinator The Trinity Session have overseen all Place-Making Through Art along the Transit-Oriented Development Corridors. The artworks programme has unearthed and added an essential layer of cultural identity and character to the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit System implemented along the Louis Botha / Empire Perth transit corridors, which includes public realm upgrades in the neighbourhoods of Noordgesig, Brixton, Turfontein and Orange Grove.

The three-year period of public engagement and social research has identified local narratives in relation to the greater geography and histories of the transit corridors as seen in the implementation of numerous works of art, developed and designed through methods of co-production with the local residents and users within these neighbourhoods.

Artwork outcomes range from large scale murals, urban furniture, sculpture, video and performances to numerous site-specific events and exhibitions. The rich narratives that emerge from each of these contexts translated through creative collaborative processes has contributed to the building of an archive of oral histories. And with the sharing of personal and collective narratives, the #ArtMyJozi programme has facilitated various skills sharing, professional development and small business incubators to stimulate local residents and creatives to develop their practice in relation to larger singular or collective projects, with a view to improved sustainability.

In addition, three years of consistent curated video and photographic documentation of the technical and social aspects of the ‘making-of’ and social impact of the work has evolved into a multi-faceted digital archive. The contents of which are constantly shared through the #ArtMyJozi social media platforms, where growing audiences have witnessed the unfolding of the artworks programme in relation to the City of Johannesburg’s development projects in each of these locations. Resultantly audiences have contributed to the process through commentary, critique and sharing of their own creative ideas.

In terms of the Rea Vaya programme, 15 new Bus Rapid Transit stations have been implemented along this route, each of which have received artworks on the glass and steel panel cladding at the entrances to each station and by the end of the first quarter of 2020, the Brixton Social Cluster and Paterson Park Sports and Recreation facilities and upgraded park will be home to an additional portfolio of works, some of which still in progress are included below.

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