The Trinity Session is a contemporary art production team defined by exchanges with their home city Johannesburg, in relation to Africa and similar developed/developing contexts. Key activities include temporary interventions and performances, in addition to producing and curating large scale exhibitions and public art programmes. The Trinity Session is mainly concerned with context specific technology applications and site-specific social practices.

Since 2001 The Trinity Session has been concerned with the logics of artmaking in complex, social-public situations; where the dynamics of context, site, available resources, and creative solutions converge to create unique artistic conditions and opportunities. As global practicing artists born and bred in Johannesburg, the politics of change in South Africa have motivated and inspired Stephen Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter to create partnerships and unique moments of collective practice in order to respond to and create positive change. Having worked in many countries abroad, Johannesburg has always served as a catalytic reference point for how to think beyond the often-elitist structures of the art world, with a view to cultural production found in the public domain.

To this extent, The Trinity Session has co-produced numerous multi-media projects and events around the country and on the continent, with the objective of bringing knowledge back home.  Over the years this partnership is joined by a dynamically growing team, diverse in identity, skills, and expression, most notably a group of women between the ages of 25 and 40 who have a range of complementary skills and experience between them.


A little something we have been busy with over the last year:


The Trinity Session 
Tipper Warehouse at the Orchards Project
5A Pine Road, Orchards, Johannesburg, South Africa