The realization of a commissioned sculptural or beyond life size artwork can require the technical expertise of urban designers, architects, engineers, fabricators, project managers and installation teams, the artist(s) ofcourse and the client. With so many chains of communication in play original artistic intent can be lost in translation. To this extent the Trinity Session has developed methods for holding this space for the artist, the community, the client and the experts consulting to the design and installation process. In our experience the identification of a golden thread that holds the creative intent and outcome provides clarity and coherence towards final completion. With our extensive work in townships where the authors of the artwork can include numerous voices (from children to senior citizens), it is important to recognise and manage the convergence of different ideas, attitudes and approaches, in this sense a co-authored storyline not only coheres the trajectory of the artwork but produces dynamic conditions for more impactful outcomes, a greater sense of ownership, collective identity and so on.

The multi-disciplinary project examples included here celebrate the power of design and artistic translation in response to contextual, social or historical realities and conditions.