Marcus Neustetter and Stephen Hobbs

Stephen Hobbs
Co-founder and Director

Since 1994, Johannesburg has served as a critical reference point for Hobbs’ artistic and curatorial insights into the – apartheid city turned African city – with a particular interest in the impact of defensive urban planning and architecture on the behavioural aspects of city and society. The resultant urban decay that develops in such conditions evolved Hobbs’ practice into consultative processes on the role of art in public space relative to urban renewal and place making initiatives commissioned by the city.

Stephen Hobbs graduated from Wits University with a BAFA, in 1994. He was the curator of the Market Theatre Galleries (Johannesburg) from 1994 to 2000, Co-Director of the purpose-built Gallery Premises (2004-2008) at the Joburg Theatre. Since 2004 Hobbs co-produced a range of multi-medium urban and network-focused projects with Marcus Neustetter, under the collaborative name Hobbs/Neustetter. From 2016-2019 Hobbs joined the Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Johannesburg, as Unit Leader and resident critic. For the past 10 years Hobbs has worked in close collaboration with David Krut Projects SA/USA, realising numerous print portfolios, book projects, international lecture tours and exhibitions both home and abroad.
At the end of 2019, Hobbs relocated to Ireland with the aim of expanding the Trinity Session abroad. Luckily Hobbs’ favourite colour is green, because there’s lots of that there!

Marcus Neustetter
Co- founder and Director
Marcus Neustetter (1976, Johannesburg) earned his undergraduate and Masters Degree in Fine Arts (2001) from the University of the Witwatersrand.
Interested in cross-disciplinary practice, site-specificity, socially engaged interventions and the intersection of art and activism, Neustetter has produced projects, performances and installations across Africa, Europe, America and Asia that search for a balance between poetic form and asking critical questions.
He is the co-director of The Trinity Session since 2001, and since late 2019 he has made the transition to live between Johannesburg and Vienna, Austria. 

Neustetter’s medium of choice is drawing, he prefers spicy foods, and his favourite activities are anything to do with play!

Pauline Borton
Senior Project Manager

Pauline was born in 1985 and lives in Johannesburg. She obtained her Honours in Visual Arts from UNISA, with her research founded in concepts that explore construction of social space, including the role of the imagination in defining and affirming a sense of belonging and identity. Borton is the senior project manager for The Trinity Session and manages the curation and coordination of The Trinity Session’s public art/place-making projects in South Africa. Borton sees placemaking through art as an adventure, and she is the explorer that gets to journey through the city. She enjoys problem solving and developing creative strategies. Her favourite part of the job is working with different people day to day, and getting to know them.

She feels that you can’t work in Joburg and not be open to working with diverse people. Borton believes that creativity has the power to change the world, in that it’s a different mode of communication that should be explored more as it breaks down barriers and boundaries.

She argues that what makes Trinity Session special is that we do our work with a lot of heart and soul, that we genuinely care about every person we meet along the way. She likes green apples, and flowers- specifically sunflowers. Borton collects memories and patterns- which usually end up taking the form of earrings. Or scarves.

Tammy Palesa Stewart
Project Manager

Tammy was born in 1992 in Johannesburg, and has been fascinated with the intricacies of this city for as long as she can remember.

In 2014, she graduated with a BA Fine Arts from Wits Universtiy, and went on to work in numerous arts organizations. This fueled her interest in the sector, and she went on to complete an MA in Cultural Policy and Management from Wits University in 2018, with a focus on arts education advocacy. Stewart has experience working across a range of disciplines, such as arts and culture, heritage, tourism, and gallery and museum practice. Her work interrogates alternative models of arts education, what it means to be an artist, and how to occupy diverse social spaces.

You can easily get into her good books if you bring some sweets and biscuits- provided that they are not packaged in plastic as she is on a mission to save the turtles!

Barry van der Westhuizen
Project Manager

Born in 1990, Barry has been living in Pretoria for most of his life.
He received his bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the University of Pretoria 2013, and furthered his passion for print making through an MTech at the University of Johannesburg, in 2018. As an artist, van der Westhuizen is driven by finding experimental solutions outside of the traditional medium. A large part of his work has been to experiment with printmaking processes and finding ways of changing the outcome of the print.

Currently van der Westhuizen is a Project Manager for The Trinity Session, and is your go-to-guy if you have any questions about a specific type of wood or how to build an extension on your house.

Tari Moyo
Project Manager

Tari was born on the 9th of December 1986. He was raised on a farm in Gweru (Zimbabwe), and spent rainy days dismantling every electrical appliance or machine in the house. Then on sunny days would be outside playing with insects, dogs, and snakes.

He was enrolled to study Civil Engineering with UNISA and Geography & Environmental Science with Zimbabwe Open University. However he left Zimbabwe before completing both due to the harsh economic climate.

Moyo aspires to one day be a Geotechnical Engineer and use his skills to help improve planet Earth. Recently he became a dad to a beautiful baby girl, and hopes to pass on his love for spreadsheets and quantity surveying to her.

Ciara Struwig
Project Manager

Ciara was born in Johannesburg and completed her MA in Fine Arts at Wits University. She has since produced several exhibitions and projects, managing artists productions and realising large scale art and design installations.

Her interest area revolves around the ideas of traces, the transience of identity, and evidentiary practices that have led to artworks and installations in various media. She is living proof that you can survive solely on coffee and the occasional M&M, and her hobbies include collecting weird stuff that she doesn’t really have a use for.

Paul Setate
Studio Manager

Paul was born in the small town of Gwanda in Matabeleland, South Zimbabwe. For the past decade he has worked with various fabrication, design, and art companies. As a result, he is skilled in designing objects, prototyping, and manufacturing artworks for artists in various materials. His speciality is working in wood and steel. Paul loves spending time playing football with his two young sons. He loves veggies but hates coffee!

Nkosinathi Mthombeni
Studio Assistant

Nkosinathi was born in Ladysmith and grew up with three sisters and two brothers. He originally came to Joburg to pursue his interest of becoming a long distance driver, but instead joined the Trinity Session and entered the world of art and design.

His meticulous handwork and patience in assisting artists to craft their works has made him an essential part of the Trinity Session’s production team. His newfound skill and passion is something he intends to pursue, and he would love to learn more about art-making techniques.

Nkosinathi loves geography and maps of all kinds, he enjoys reading and is remarkably fast at learning new languages. He is also a traditional Zulu dancer and enjoys spending Sundays dancing with his group ”Amathole” meaning ”The calves”.

Lavinia Williams-Otto
Project Assistant

Williams-Otto first became associated with #ArtMyJozi through the community workshops in Noordgesig. She soon went on to became a site manager, admin clerk, and mural artist in her own right. Through her experience in working with The Trinity Session, she learnt various technical skills and started her own business in Noordgesig, doing signwriting and murals. She is interested in growing in the art industry and developing more confidence in her skills and abilities. Her biggest dream is to be able to transform, inspire, and make a difference in society.

Williams-Otto believes in restoring self-worth to the broken hearted in her community because there is so much strength and potential.

Mpho Cyril Kruipers
Workshop Assistant

Mpho was born in 1992 and is based in Bezuidenhout Valley, Johannesburg.
He received his diploma in Culinary Arts from the South African Chef’s Association, but has since been developing his skills in the arts and crafts arena. Currently he is working as a workshop assistant under the guidance of the Trinity Session. He has worked on several #ArtMyJozi projects across Johannesburg, spanning from Turffontein, to Brixton, to Orange Grove.

In the future he wishes to open his own bakery, while expanding on his skill set in handy-work and crafts.

Cleopas General Ndlovu
Workshop Assistant

General was born in Nkayi, Matabeleland North Zimbabwe. He completed his O level and A level at Hlangabeza High School, focusing on history, divinity, and sociology. He came to Johannesburg in 1994, and started working at a seafoods company in Cleveland as a dispatcher. Afterwards he joined a construction company as a painter and worked there for more than 20 years, becoming very skilled in his trade. Ndlovu enjoys sports such as football, and even became involved in Scouts when he came to Johannesburg.

General has recently joined the Trinity Session, and is a part time assistant across various projects.

Zivanai Matangi
Documentary Crew

Zivanai is a Zimbabwean born photographer currently doing business and residing in South Africa. He’s been working in the photographic industry for close to 10 years, specialising in street, documentary, commercial and strobe photography. His favourite subject matter is visual, performing and public art.

In addition to his work with The Trinity Session and the JDA, he has also worked closely with Wits School of the Arts Digital Arts Department, and the Market Theatre. Currently, he is the resident photographer for The Centre for the Less Good Idea and William Kentridge. Recently Matangi’s work was exhibited at David Krut Projects in New York, alongside the rest of the #ArtMyJozi Documentary Crew, in an exhibition called Urban Chemistry.

Zivanai is inspired by artists and creatives, and is learning from their passion to develop his skills as an artist in his own right. He wants the audience to appreciate the amount of work, thought and passion that goes into performance and expression.

Thusi Vukani
Documentary Crew

Thusi is an actor and photographer from Ladysmith.
He qualified in acting from City Varsity, graduating in 2015. He also spent some time at Duma Ndlovu Actors Academy, and uMuzi for photography. He appeared in two films; Man of his own principles, and Doctor’s Appointment, which both aired on Mzansi Magic. Vukani also appeared in a documentary about Jeppe Photo Club.

In May of 2019 his photography was exhibited at David Krut Projects in New York, alongside the rest of the #ArtMyJozi Documentary Crew, in an exhibition called Urban Chemistry. He enjoys anything that has to do with creation and considers himself a jack of all trades. He believes in experiencing as much as possible before 30, and his dream is to own a massive film studio.

Thusi is not a strong fan of fruits and veggies but he tries to grab one once or twice a month.

Senzo Bongwana
Documentary Crew

Senzo grew up in the streets of Kliptown in Soweto, Johannesburg. He’s been involved in filming since 2011, when he joined Eat My Dust Cinema Project, making short films. He has worked on numerous other films, ranging from acting to sound recording. Bongwana then joined the award winning Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking in July 2015. In early 2018, he was part of the global campaign, Integrity Idol South Africa. In May of 2019 his work was exhibited at David Krut Projects in New York, alongside the rest of the #ArtMyJozi Documentary Crew, in an exhibition called Urban Chemistry.

Senzo specialises in video editing and cinematography. Against all odds he aspires to be the best filmmaker that has ever lived in South Africa.

Mantala Nkoatse
Documentary Crew

Mantala was born and bred in Alexandra Township, north of Johannesburg. She started creating art at the age of seven as an extra mural activity, then later joined a community theatre to improve her craft. Today Mantala is a beatboxer, poet, writer and performing artist and calls herself an authentic abstract artist. She is a strong woman who is not scared of giving a voice to the difficult stories. Her work is influenced by her surroundings, ordinary people’s conversations and the movements of nature. Reading also plays a role in her creativity. Mantala has been a facilitator and part of the #ArtMyJozi creative process. She describes her role as a poetic journalist. She collects stories from people in public and turns the stories into poetry.

In May of 2019 her collaborative work with Zivanai Matangi work was exhibited at David Krut Projects in New York, alongside the rest of the #ArtMyJozi Documentary Crew, in an exhibition called Urban Chemistry.

She also draws inspiration from specific site’s sequences, patterns and symbolism for her writing and performance poetry.

Bash Hops
Documentary Crew

Bash refers to himself as a ‘MOART’ – Master of Art Trades. He is a writer, poet, singer, rap artist, fashion designer, jewellery maker, musician and painter. He was born and raised in Soweto, Johannesburg and has always loved his community and how it inspired his art. Bash uses art to express himself and to heal, not just himself but also the people around him. Through his art he can share himself with others.

He has been part of the #ArtMyJozi creative process, portraying what he sees, and what people in parks say and do, through poetry. His inspiring poems conjure up amazing visuals and he creates work that is relatable to everyone. Bash found this project both interesting and challenging, and it provided him with lots of joy and laughter working with the community.

Sparks Napoli
Documentary Crew

Sparks is an emerging filmmaker, musician and scriptwriter from Jeppestown, Johannesburg. Originally from Durban, Sparks grew up as a street dancer and moved to Johannesburg in 2003 to pursue his dance career. Since then he established himself as a filmmaker and musician, writing stories and music inspired by the streets. Sparks also started the JP Jozi Creative Network –a dance and drama school for kids, working space for artists from the community, and a studio for recording and photo-shoots.

In May of 2019 his collaborative work with Thusi Vukani, was exhibited at David Krut Projects in New York, alongside the rest of the #ArtMyJozi Documentary Crew, in an exhibition called Urban Chemistry.

Through his video work on #ArtMyJozi, Sparks has captured numerous moments of social exchange and design realisation, and finds it gratifying to help the community turning negative into positive and to see how the children benefited from this programme.