Legacy and The Trinity Session have had a long-standing relationship in promoting original and local art in Legacy hotels and developments. None have been as exciting and as bold as the plans for The Leonardo building.

For over two years the curatorial concept for the space has developed into a program of integrated design thinking, building artistic opportunities, and creating artworks for The Leonardo building. The artworks program is a direct response to the building’s name and ambition. Its curatorial approach is inspired by the artist Leonardo da Vinci, the visionary inventor. The journey through this building is a series of artwork experiences of the four elements (earth, fire, wind, water) as the basis of human curiosity. Woven into this journey are local human references with artistic narratives and responses.

With a focus on collective and hand-made production, the Leonardo artworks boast a diversity of local young and established artists, designers and fabricators that present unique approaches to their usual work and media. Under the direction of The Trinity Session, the commissioned site-specific artworks are bold statements that are interconnected by many conceptual threads creating one final Masterpiece.