Beyond the Radar


The Trinity Session has recently been awarded start-up funds by the National Arts Council (NAC) of South Africa, to launch a new project called Beyond the Radar, Plotting New Cultural Ecosystems. This project aims to create collaborative networks between a range of multidisciplinary organisations, in order to support existing projects and identify new innovations happening specifically in the Northern Cape and Mpumalanga. 

The first phase of our process involves identifying key organisations/individuals active in the fields of; environmental, social, digital, cultural and creative practice and knowledge production. We are currently identifying facilitators who can share and participate in the network building objectives of this initial phase of mapping.

With the plotting of a map of potential project areas and actors within given networks, we will then embark on a series of online workshops comprising (as it stands) 4 key online meetings taking the form of workshops over Zoom.

  1. Show and tell introductions (who, what, where, why).
  2. History, place, new futures.
  3. Experiment and test ideas for new and or existing project stimulation.
  4. Explore ideas for co-production through digital, online platforms.

The processes and workshops mentioned above will take place between October – November 2020, and we will be working with participants identified by facilitators from each province.

Breakdown of the project purpose and intent:

For any questions or information regarding Mpumalanga, please contact:
Pauline Borton: 060 907 0399

Or for any information regarding Northern Cape, please contact:
Tammy Palesa Stewart: 060 603 1655