The Visualisation Studio is a series of multidisciplinary studio workshops that took place across 9 South African cities. The creative sessions were  commissioned by the South African Cities Network and implemented by Ilifindo and The Trinity Session. Participants from each city took part in online studios to seek collective images and narratives asking how citizens imagine the realities of their cities in the future.

South African cities continue to reinforce the spatial legacy of apartheid. While improvements have been made in housing and transport infrastructure, despite efforts, little has changed in bettering urban spaces for everyone. With the numerous imbalances that exist in South African society today, the Visualisation Studios developed a series of visualisations that offer insights into future city conditions based on people’s lived experiences.

The goal was to develop a series of multi-layered, perhaps even contradictory visual responses from a diverse sample of these cities’ inhabitants. In these sessions, creative respondents and artists were visually documenting and capturing the ideas, concerns and debates offered by participants, who were invited to three different studio experiences: Introductory Sessions, Open Sessions, and One to One Sessions.

Each studio was designed to extract rich content related to the topic of discussion, or to draw out a series of commonalities. The resulting visualisations, their summaries and an online exhibition curate some of the highlighted content which contain rich narratives and complex data, with the potential to influence future design.

URBAN FESTIVAL 2020 is hosting the Visualisation Studio exhibition:

A collection of Visualisations organised by city: